Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our party packages. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, fill up our inquiry form or get in touch with us through any of our social media accounts.

Party Packages FAQs

  1. How much are your party packages?
    If you are having an intimate celebration, you may opt for table reservations in our main dining area and order group meals ala carte. For grand celebrations, you may avail of our in-house party packages where you can use our function rooms exclusively, for a minimum consumable amount. Party package rates differ based on number of guests and entertainment you pick. For food, you might spend around P220/child and P512/adult. For a limited time only and exclusive to those who will avail of our in-house catering, we are giving away FREE thirty (30) minutes playtime for up to 30 kids attending the party. Download our party packages here.
  2. What about host, balloons and entertainment?
    Non-food items like balloons and entertainment are on top of your minimum consumable amount.
  3. What are my freebies?
    All rooms have their own sound systems, platform stages, mini play areas ( for selected function rooms) and birthday streamers. We will also take care of your kiddie and adult table set up. For a complete list of freebies, please download our party packages here.
  4. Will I save if I avail of your packages?
    Yes, you will be able to save if you avail of any of our packages.
  5. How do we make a reservation?
    If you already have a function room and time slot in mind, we can temporarily hold it for you with a deadline upon which you can confirm or cancel your booking. To confirm your booking, please make a down payment on or before the deadline we agreed on. Please inform us ahead of time if you are unable to make it to your deadline for whatever reason. Otherwise, your slot will be made available to other clients. Once a down payment has been made, your reservation is considered confirmed.
  6. How much is the required down payment and what are your payment options?
    Down payment is 50% of your minimum consumable. We accept cash and check for down payment and cash for the balance. Our Ortigas and Alabang branches also accept credit card payments for down payment and to settle your full balance.
  7. Can I rent the party place and bring my own food or caterer?
    Yes, room rental option is also available. Kindly visit Contact Us to know the number of your preferred branch.
  8. Do you have a set menu?
    We have suggested packaged menus. However, you may create your own menu based on your preferences. Prices vary but a good menu usually starts at P460/head for adults and P200 per child. We can send a copy of selections via email.
  9. Can I bring extra food after I have met the minimum consumable?
    Yes but there is a corkage fee of Php1,000.00 per dish, and a maximum of two dishes are allowed and subject to approval. We only allow items that are not on our menus. Further, we will not be responsible for any food related problems that may occur during or after the party, inasmuch as we did not control all the food served.
  10. Until when can we place our additional food orders?
    We highly suggest that you place your order not later than one week before the date of your party to give us ample time to prepare the dishes you ordered.
  11. Can we bring in tetra juice (or any beverage) for the kids and will you still charge us with corkage fee?
    Regrettably, we do not allow any type of beverage to be brought in as we have exclusivity arrangements with our beverage partners.
  12. If we purchased ride or play tickets for our party, can we use them another time?
    You may only use the tickets you purchased on the day of your party.
  13. Can I bring my own balloons?
    You may bring additional balloons, on top of the minimum consumable of Php1,000 worth of balloons you get from us.
  14. Can I bring my own host/entertainer?
    Yes but there is a corkage fee of Php1, 000 per entertainer.
  15. Can I bring my own party amenities, like photo booth and photographer?
    You may bring your own party amenities subject to electrical charges for any electrical equipment you will bring in.
  16. Can I bring my own birthday cake?
    Birthday cakes for the purpose of candle-blowing may be brought in without corkage fees. Birthday cakes consumed on site are subject to a corkage fee of Php1000.
  17. Who are we going to coordinate with for our games, program and prizes?
    If you got a party host from us, you may coordinate with him/her for your program, games and prizes. We will also provide you with his/her phone number.
  18. What is the capacity for all rooms?
    Function room capacity ranges from 100 to 570 people including children. Please download our party packages here for a list of our function room with maximum capacities.
  19. Do you allow dogs in Fun Ranch?
    Yes, you may bring your pet dog during your party. For the safety of other clients, please confine your pet inside your function room.